How We Work

Menlo Technologies is a global services company specializing in cloud integration,
data analytics and mobile technology that will transform the way you do business.

We Plan

Menlo starts each project with a kickoff meeting with all stakeholders to map out architecture, timeline, roles and determine communication frequency. We discuss roles, critical path items, escalation paths, and a general game plan to start the project on the right track.

Quality First

QA begins early and remains consistent throughout. Menlo is committed to finding and resolving defects right away, keeping projects on time and within budget. QA works in conjunction with the Business to translate functional specifications into distinct user stories and test cases. In this manner, the development team can unit test against these stories prior to the build reaching QA. Our working motto is to catch defects as early as possible.

We Track

Project enhancements and defects are tracked by month, by project, and by developer, measuring quality across the board and increasing accountability of everyone on the project. We use velocity and burndown charts as well as actual to plan metrics for budget and percentage complete.

Our communication methodology includes daily and weekly written status reports. Menlo’s management team keeps a birds-eye view on project health of our growing portfolio of projects.

We Measure Progress

Measurements include defect counts per project and per period. For more stable products, we work with our clients to institute automated testing for smoke tests and/or and detailed functional testing. Menlo also measures project costs to make sure they remain on budget.

We Measure Project Health and Status

Menlo is committed to monitoring the health of each project. We update our systems on a regular basis for Project Status, providing real time feeds into our dashboards. We can spot a yellow or red project immediately and work directly with the team to mitigate any project issues.

With Menlo Technologies, you can count on a final delivery that meets or exceeds your expectations.